The most common mistakes when starting to exercise

Exercising and living a healthy lifestyle represents a great challenge for most people who decide to face a change in their habits.

That's why we want to talk about 3 very common mistakes when starting to exercise

Firstly, food represents a fundamental point, since the most frequent error is the belief that to improve physically you should stop eating, when in reality what you have to change is body composition. It is not only about reducing the consumption of calories, it is necessary to improve the quality and quantity of food


Another of the mistakes that is made is the lack of a routine when exercising. The interaction between the body and the mind is key to well-being and this is not achieved if there is not a frequency in the activity that is practiced.

It is not the same to do two hours of intense work one day than to distribute the time throughout the week.

And finally take into account: previous injuries, discomforts or discomforts, it is important to do incapie at this point because remember that although we can all do physical activity, not all types of exercises are for all people, before you start practicing any sports keep in mind what your body indicates, previous injuries, discomfort, and even consider cardiac conditions, in order to find the physical activity that best suits your needs.

Go ahead with your goals, remember not to lose motivation and avoid these mistakes that commonly occur when you exercise, and very soon you will see a big change in your lifestyle.

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