How to gain muscle mass and tone at the beginning of the year?

One of the most common goals at the beginning of the year is to increase muscle mass and tone our body. To achieve this I am going to recommend some very simple tips that you can put into practice to get it.

First you have to know your limits, it is very common that when we manage to carry a weight, or we achieve certain time when running, we feel comfortable with that, but remember that our muscles always need us to increase the effort, increase the weight, or run with greater speed to go further and further away.

Also, go to specific muscle groups. If you are interested in increasing your muscle mass and strength in a specific area, you can concentrate your exercise time by working a particular muscle group. By targeting a specific muscle group, you can get faster results. Although it is preferable that you do exercises throughout your body to ensure you have a balanced body, it will not hurt to work one group more than the others.

Another very important tip is that you use variations of movements this will allow you to load more weight, be stronger, agile and increase your resistance during your exercise.

Finally, constantly point out the results of your training, the achievements you have achieved, the improvements you have obtained and set new goals that allow you to go further and further.

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